POP 88 – May 12/07 – Vol.1 Eps.7

popcast_collage.jpgHappy Mother’s Day Everyone!

Apologizes for the delay between shows but I have a really really good excuse! – Listen to see why!

Hot Docs Q and A session with Academy Award winning documentary director Jessica Yu with her new film The Protagonist plus your requests played on this week’s show.

Also remember to enter the ‘Spring Waltz Caption This Contest’ still going on both at Popcast88.com and 8Asians.com. – I just watched it – one of my Top 5 Korean dramas!

Questions, comments, suggestions, requests/dedications, I would love to hear from you, please email me at christine [at] popcast88.com or leave a comment at Popcast88.com.

NOTE: For some reason, if you play through the Flash app below – it plays slow and I end up sounding like a man. However, if you download it, I sound normal … so I suggest you download the show! – Much thanks!

1. 媽媽 [Mama] – Vanness Wu – V.DUBB (2007)
– Mother’s Day Dedication from moi

2. 피(Pi)[Aversion] – Fly to the Sky – Transition (2005)

3. So Sick – M (Minwoo from Shinhwa) – M Liveworks (2007)

4. 10 Minutes (Ivy Mega Mix) – 이효리(Lee Hyori) – Stylish (2002)

5. Anystar feat 이준기(Lee Junki) – 이효리(Lee Hyori) – Anycall/Samsung (2006)
– request from Katherine

6. Pray – Tommy heavenly6 – Hello Starry Heaven (2007)

7. Sayonara Nostalgia – Base Ball Bear – Linda Linda Linda Soundtrack (2004)

8. My Style – 조 PD (JoPD) – Stardom Future Flow (2001)
– request for Will/hardcopy

9. 한번 다,OK? (One More Time, OK?) – 천상지희The Grace – 한번 더, OK? (2007)

10. Just Tonight (너를 원해[I Want You] Lo-Fi House Remix)
– 서인영(Seo In Yeong) – elly Is So HOT (2007)

11. Love Me After 12AM – M-Flo loves Alex (Clazziquai Project) – COSMICOLOR (2007)

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