N.Y. shock jocks dropped over Asian slurs

Call it the Don Imus Effect. “Shock Jocks” Jeff “JV” Vandergrift and Dan “Elvis” Lay did a bit on their New York radio show a day after Imus’s “nappy-headed hos” comment (unlucky timing on their part):http://ww2.alvincollege.edu/DEPT/KACC/radio4.gif

“The pair broadcast a call to a Chinese restaurant; the caller, in an exaggerated accent, placed an order for “shrimp flied lice,” claimed he was a student of kung fu, and compared menu items to employees’ body parts.” (AP)

I’d have to listen to the actual piece to see if I find it all that offensive. Asian-American community organizations asked for the same treatment for Asian-Americans that African-Americans got for Don Imus and it looks like the radio hosts got it.

But I have to agree with this statement in the Associated Press article:

“It’s not about whether you like what you heard or not,” said Debbie Wolf, president of People Against Censorship. “I find censorship to be far more offensive than anything that was said.”

Free speech is a wonderful thing, but let’s use the airwaves for something constructive. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

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