Bionic Woman: Looks Like Starbuck Has Yellow Fever

So I’ve been watching the first few episodes of Bionic Woman on NBC, and last night’s episode, I see Korean-American Will Yun Lee‘s character, Jae Kim, who gets some “action” with blond Katee Sackhoff‘s character Sarah Corvus. Sackhoff is better known for her role as Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica.

Bionic Woman: Jae Kim Getting Some Action from Starbuck

When I was watching this scene, I was wondering – wow, I wonder when the last time I saw an Asian-American male who “scored” with a Caucasian female on prime time network television? Probably never! And an Asian-American woman with a non-Asian male – probably every season? Sackhoff ‘s character having a relationship with Lee’s character doesn’t  necessarily mean she has yellow fever, but I thought the sensational title posting might also catch your attention :-).

It’s nice to see Will Yun Lee starting to break down some sterotypes of Asian-American males (though in Bionic Woman and in real life, Lee does know martial arts). Personally, as far as hot Caucasian women on Battlestar Galactica go, Tricia Helfer is more my type.  At first, I didn’t think Grace Park was all that attractive until I saw her in some non-Battlestar Galactica photos, like here in Maxim

You can take a look at the scene for yourself online – the cool thing this television season is that a lot of full episodes are now available on the networks’ websites: (Minute 35:30 in Episode #2). Bionic Woman itself is okay – I really don’t recall the original series. It’s funny it the premiere episode, how quickly Bionic Woman recovers from surgery and is back to her “normal” life.

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