Weather Channel ex-host Bob Stokes caught in sexual harassment case

Bob Stokes The former meteorologist for the Weather Channel, Bob Stokes, had a thing for womanizing according to court documents filed by an ex-cohost, Hillary Andrews.

I have to say that I happen to be a Weather Channel junkie and I remember him being on a lot and did find it kind of strange that he suddenly disappeared. Well, no wonder as far as explanations. It explains a lot for his firing which happened after Hillary Andrews won arbitration against TWC. Now that I think about it, it was actually strange that Hillary Andrews also dropped out of the spotlight around the same time. Wow. Talking about airing the dirty laundry now. Within the documents obtained by The Smoking Gun, it said that Stokes said:

“Will you lick my swizzle stick?”

Sorry, but that’s just inappropriate in any sort of work environment, at least in my opinion and even jokingly. That particular comment will get you a sexual harassment suit in a blink of an eye at any employer and at the very least put on some serious probation if not out-right fired.

Kids at home? That’s the type of comments that you want to learn to NOT do. Not if you want any sort of a professional career in any case. Maybe it’s just me, but not a good role model. No siree.

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