I’m devastated – Zhang Ziyi is engaged! Damn you Vivi Nevo!

I am devastated. I was reading The New York Times online (as I usually do every evening), and came across an article on Isarali billionaire and international man of mystery, Aviv Nevo – Zhang Ziyi’s boyfriend for the past few years. Anyone who knows me knows I love Zhang Ziyi ever since I saw her in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. A friend even gave me a stock photo poster of her to me (she had a copy for work) which is hanging in my room now :-). Yes, she’s beautiful, but I’d like to think also a talented actress.

Vivi Nevo is profiled as a “Media Powerhouse Everyone and Nobody Knows” and his friends do call him an “International man of mystery”:

“A wind-up doll of kinetic energy, who bounds about like a shortstop, Mr. Nevo, who is 43, is said to be the largest individual shareholder of Time Warner, was once the largest private investor in Goldman Sachs, is engaged to China’s most famous actress, vacations on Rupert Murdoch‘s sailboat, is the godfather of Lachlan Murdoch‘s son, counts Lenny Kravitz as a good friend and attended Madonna’s wedding in 2000… And many people, including even some of his close friends — have no idea what his background is or how exactly he made his fortune.

Supposedly Nevo is a “self-made” billionaire who only started off with $10 million from an inheritance from his mother… Give me $10 million and I’m sure I could do pretty well with it… but maybe not turn it into a few billion.

I have heard and read that a lot of mainland Chinese (as well as my Taiwanese cousin) do not consider Zhang Ziyi to be that extraordinarily attractive or pretty. To be honest, beyond “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” Ziyi’s movies haven’t been nearly as iconic with Memoirs of a Geisha or House of Flying Daggers probably being her next most well known role, at least to American audiences (she was in Rush Hour 2, but had a limited speaking role). And despite trying to break into the American movie industry and improving her English, from what I can tell, at least from when she presented at the Oscars, she has not made much progress.

Nevertheless, I am devastated to read that Zhang Ziyi is engaged! Well, it’s not like I had a chance to begin with… How does one become an International Man of Mystery? Anybody want to give me $10 million so I can try to be a “self made” billionaire :-)?

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