POP 88 #22 – House Music Mix

Happy October Everyone!

The Popcast88 is going to be going under some heavy renovation from now until November. I’m very excited as I’m completely in love with the new logo. Please look forward to the many surprises that we’re currently preparing for our relaunch. Until then, I’ll just be releasing non-stop music mixes that are a bit on the low maintenance side and doesn’t involve such a heavy production as my usual shows.

This episode you’ll hear the latest in house music including new CHEMISTRY, Tenjochiki aka The Grace, PUFFY AmiYumi and Clazziquai Project.

Again, if you would like to support the podcast, please do so by supporting the artist and buying their music using the links provided.

Still taking requests, so you can leave a comment at Popcast88.com or send an email to christine [at] popcast88.com.

I’m thinking my next non-stop music mix will be all ballads … any suggestions?


1. Getting 2 Know U – Will-W
Bodytalk (2008)
– Also Available worldwide via iTunes!

2. Beat In Love – Clazziquai Project
Beat In Love (2008)

3. Life Goes On ~side K~ – CHEMISTRY
Life Goes On (single) (2008)

4. Summer Breeze – Park Jung Ah with House Rulez
M.Net Summer Break (2007)

5. Happy – J
J Electro Project (2008)

6. All Because of you (Disco Twins Remix) – PUFFY
My Story (2008)

7. Lotta Love – M-Flo loves MINMI
Cosmicolor (2007)

8. One More Time, OK (Royal Mirrorball Mix) – Tenjochiki aka The Grace
Stand Up People (single) (2008)

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The main Canuck here I (sometimes) give a different perspective. I used to be 'read only' but you can actually hear me via POP 88 on 8Asians podcasting sister site Popcast88.com. Always trying to find that right balance between fluff and substance, I tend to focus my interests in discovering different perspectives. Look forward to hearing (and perhaps seeing) things you wouldn't anywhere else. Current vice and embarrassingly obsessed with: Kpop group AFTER SCHOOL
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