“Arrogant and Entitled” Super Smash Brothers Player May Win Survivor: Gabon

Ever since CBS broadcast Survivor: Race War Survivor: Cook Islands, the series has been pretty good about casting diverse contestants. And for this season, Survivor: Gabon have themselves an token Asian contestant in the form of SephirothKen, or Ken Hoang, world champion Super Smash Brothers player.

An Asian who likes video games! I know, right?

Ken has been given a mixed edit this season; he’s clearly portrayed as an underdog both strategically and personally, when he admitted to the cameras a crush on the pretty girl that ultimately got voted off the first episode and then as cocky, after realizing that his voting strategies had been proven effective. But he’s still one of five remaining players to win Survivor: Gabon and not you, so there.

All is not looking good for him to win a million dollars, however: After being labeled “arrogant and entitled” at Reality Blurred for his cocky attitude and penchant for voting off people for personal rather than strategic reasons, a member of his main alliance was voted off last week and he’s now the outsider — all signs lead to him being a giant target coming into the final episode tomorrow night, and with Ken himself saying that physical challenges aren’t his strength, well, we almost certainly haven’t another Asian American winner like Yul Kwon, to John’s dismay.

As for how the Super Smash Brothers community is reacting to Ken being on Survivor, here’s what fP_tHuG has to say:

“Wavedash backwards then forwards for mind games, neutral A short hop fast fall l-cancel . Yah his gonna b the shit lol.”

Uhm, I have no idea what that means.

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