Emerging Action Star Cung Le: Now appearing in “Fighting”

MMA fans know Cung Le as the devastating striker and Strikeforce Lightweight Champion who broke Frank Shamrock‘s arm with a kick and as a trainer of a number of MMA fighters like the UFC‘s Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.  Cung Le is now striking out into the movie business.  Here is a clip of him with Channing Tatum in the recently released movie Fighting.

The caption on Channing Tatum’s YouTube channel says that he is Korean, but when I see the clip, I only see Cung Le, local Vietnamese guy from San Jose made good. Channing Tatum beating Cung Le?   Unlikely, but hey, it is an American movie!  I do have to give Channing Tatum props for training with Cung Le8 Asians had discussions about Cung Le becoming an emerging Asian-American star, and he seems to be just that, starring as Marshall Law in the upcoming Tekken movie, having a key role in the science fiction movie Pandorum, and even making a movie with Yuen Poo-Wing called True Legend.  Here is a picture of him as a Chinese Brigand.

I admire Cung Le for branching out into movies both in the US and Asia, even beginning to learn Chinese, while still keeping with his MMA and martial arts roots.  Cung Le is someone to keep an eye on.

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