Our Earwax is Flakier Than Yours

thailand061609Former Best Group Weblog competitor Jezebel posted a photograph from Bangkok featuring a mother cleaning her daughter’s ear with a Q-tip, although I have no idea what this has to do with the recession hitting the Thai economy.

My first thought upon seeing the photo was along the lines of “I wish my mom was here to clean my ears for me again. Good times!” but a look at the comments made me realize how different this pastime was for non-Asians.

Apparently we’re the one of the few populations who likes to clean our ears with a scooped pick because — aside from the fact that it FEELS SO GOOD — we’ve got a unique type of ear wax: it’s dry, yellow, flaky and scoopable; just as my childhood doctor used to say, like potato chips!

Non-Asians have a goopy ear wax, which is just weird. I mean, wouldn’t you rather have potato chips congregating in your ear canal than ooze?

I’m kidding; it’s not weird. But I’m sad that much of America  is missing out on what I consider the most comforting and satisfying feeling in the world: laying your head down on your mother’s lap while she gently scratches the inside of your ear. Mmm.

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