“Ocean of Pearls,” a movie exploring one Sihk’s journey to find inner peace: Win tickets to opening weekend in SF!

UPDATE: Congrats to the winner, DavidNam811, who will receive a pair of tickets to watch “Ocean of Pearls” during its theatrical run in SF!

When was the last time you saw a trailer and you were overwhelmed with the urge to see that movie? Ever since I watched the trailer to Ocean of Pearls, I’ve been feeling that way. Bummed because I missed this movie at the 2008 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival where it received the Grand Jury Award and Audience Award for Narrative Feature, this movie can now be seen theatrically in limited markets. (See screening schedule). Lucky Bay Area folks can see this film at Landmark’s Bridge Theater in SF from August 21 – August 27, 2009.

A film which explores issues of identity which many Asian Americans can relate to, “Amrit Singh is of two worlds, but belongs to neither. A turban-wearing Sikh, he has lived his life in North America out of sorts and out of place, cast adrift at an uneasy crossroads between East and West. But when he is offered a prestigious position as a transplant surgeon in a Detroit hospital, the young doctor sees it as a opportunity to start fresh. He struggles to be the man he believes he is and at the same time the person he wants to be. His ambitious pursuit of success, however eventually leads to tragedy and it is only in defining his singular identity that he finds peace.”

Ocean of Pearls is based on the real-life experiences of director Sarab Singh Neelam, a physician based in the Detroit area (see this awesome interview and story done by Metromode). Written by the award-winning screenwriter V. Prasad, the film stars Omid Abtahi, Heather McComb, Navi Rawat, KT Thangavelu, and Rena Owen and speaks to the universal challenge of how people (not only Sikhs) must balance romance, family, ethics and spirituality in today’s complex world.

From the director, Sarab Singh Neelam

s a practicing Sikh living in the United States, I have undertaken this effort to reach out broadly to various communities after the events of 9/11. This tragedy has led to hate crimes – especially against Sikhs. It is extremely important to note, however, that this film and its characters are fictitious, though loosely based on my own experiences and observations. This film is not intended to be a definitive depiction of Sikhs or Sikhism. It is one characters journey to find inner peace.

“Ocean of Pearls” opens on Friday, August 21, at Landmark’s Bridge Theatre in San Francisco. (Updated Screening Schedule)

Bay Area folks, lucky you… 8Asians is doing another ticket giveaway!


Courtesy of Landmark Theatres, 8Asians is giving away a free pair of tickets for Opening Weekend 8/21-8/23 in SF (Landmark’s Bridge Theatre))!

All you have to do is to leave a comment of why you want to see this film and one lucky winner will be selected to go!

(Contest will be closed at 11:59pm Pacific Time on Thursday night, 8/20)

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