Alex Ko: The New Billy Elliot on Broadway is Asian!

Alex_Jete-417x600Thirteen year old Alex Ko has been named to be the new Billy Elliot on Broadway. A gifted dancer and half Chinese-American, Alex Ko is set to become the first Asian-American Billy Elliot in the Broadway production of the Elton John musical. Yes, even Asian boys can dream of being Billy Elliot!

When Stephen Daldry, the director of the musical and movie, was asked about colorblind casting the role of Billy Elliot with a black or Asian Billy, he was quoted as saying, “It’s an interesting question. I hope audiences aren’t taken aback. Given the talents of these kids, any doubts about their right to be in the show would be swept away.”

The London production of Billy Elliot was first played by its first non-white Billy by Matthew Koon, whose family is originally from Hong Kong.

I’m excited to hear the reviews of Alex Ko’s performance starting at the beginning of October. Meanwhile, check out his YouTube video of a beautiful solo he dedicates to his father, Sam Ko, who died from liver cancer several years ago.

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