Holiday Wishbook: Yu-Ai Kai Senior Center Needs Sewing Machines

The San Jose Mercury News has a holiday wishbook where they talk about people in need and how people can help them.  One group in the wishbook is the Yu-Ai Kai Senior Center in San Jose’s Japan Town.   The senior center needs new sewing machines, as it has a sewing class for seniors that uses old discontinued sewing machines that constantly breakdown.  Extras made from the sewing class are sold at an annual boutique that benefits Yu-Ai Kai.  The class offers not only sewing but a chance for seniors to interact socially and prevent isolation, and it is so popular that there is a waiting list to get into it.  89 year old Fumiye Mukai gets up before dawn to catch a bus from Gilroy to San Jose (it’s a long trip) in order to attend the class.  “I look forward to it because I can sit with all these people,” says Mukai.  The wishbook article describes how to donate.

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