Poreotix Wins America’s Best Dance Crew Season 5

The six member crew of Can Nguyen (19), Lawrence “Law” Devera (21), Andrew “Chad” Mayate (20), Justin “Jet Li” Valles (20), Charles Nguyen (20), and Matt “Dumbo” Nguyen (20) were matched up against the remaining Canadian dance crew, BluePrint, which also featured a very talented Thien-Linh “TL” Truong. They become the second crew whose members are all at least of Asian descent, with Quest Crew being the first. I had originally blogged about them when they had first appeared performing to Taylor Swift, and was interested to see if their style of popping, choreography, and robotics would be able to win it all.

JC Chasez was the toughest judge on Poreotix as he described their moves as being “Tik Tik Tik” and that he couldn’t watch them do isolations as an entire performance. Poreotix eventually won him over after their Disco challenge. Their Last Chance performance had them dancing a video game beat and calling it “Tetreotix.”

Poreotix is also known to bring their humor into their style; when Randy Jackson came to declare them as champions, he said, “Poreotix, you dominated the competition this year with your crazy robotic style and your brilliant sense of humor. You guys are funny dudes.” Jet Li mentioned, “There’s been a lot of controversy about us being too funny and not serious enough. Well, I disagree. Expressing yourself honestly with your craft while being creative are factors that make us who we are.”

Their appearance on the show have not gone without criticism of their humor from viewers, however; I guess we can just call them the Peter Chaos and Ken Jeongs of dance crews.

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