An Interview with Kaba Modern’s Finest, Mike Song

In the midst of all this Rain vs. Stephen Colbert buzz, I thought it would be nice to share a cool dance/interview with all of you that I shot with Kaba Modern’s very own Mike Song.

Many of you might remember Mike and his group from MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew: Season 1 after making a huge run up to the semifinals while going up against the likes of the JabbaWockeeZ and Status Quo.  The support for Kaba Modern continued to grow even after their ABDC shortcomings, and to this day, they are still going at it stronger than ever.  As an individual performer, Mike has traveled internationally to countries like Guam, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Hawaii,  and South Africa in order to teach his craft and inspire people around the world who are trying to follow their dancing dreams.

I’m a huge supporter of Mike’s work, and after watching his amazing Nintendo Wii tutting routine go viral, I knew that he was definitely someone I wanted to work with down the line.

In this video, we talk about a bit about his past as he mentions what his first experience in front of a major audience. He also took me through the thought process of how he mentally preps himself for a routine and ends it with his personal take on how to be successful in competitive dancing. It also helps that there’s some cool Sharam Jey dance music to accompany Mike’s insane tutting skills, so enjoy!

A funny story: Mike and I actually went to high schools in neighboring cities — he was a Spartan (South Torrance) and I was a Panther (Palos Verdes Peninsula), and we were both jocks, so there was a bit of friendly cross town rivalry there. We joke about it quite a bit, but all in all, we got nothing but respect for each other. To see what Mike is currently up to, I encourage you to check out his blog and show him the support that he deserves.

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