Asian Countries Makes a Strong Start for the FIFA World Cup 2010

Every four years, I turn from a ballet and classical music fanatic to a crazed soccer fan. This year brings the same, with the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Just recently started: shockers such as Spain’s loss to the Swiss yesterday (yikes!), the U.S./U.K. tie thanks to the butterfingers of the British goalie, host South Africa’s devastating loss to Uruguay.

The Asian countries have rocked the cup so far: Japan wins their first World Cup game ever away from home against Cameroon, North Korea slipping past Brazil to score a goal, surprising even their fake fans in the bleachers (Chinese actors hired to support the North Korean team), and South Korea scored  two graceful amazing goals against bumbling Greece, winning 2-0.

Asia–fighting! Onto the next formidable foe. For hilarity, check out Gawker’s convincing argument on why you should root for North Korea.

[NOTE: This post was written prior to the South Korea’s loss against Argentina.]

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