Announcing (Some) Winners from the 8Asians ‘Inception’ Prize Package Giveaway

UPDATE, 7/16/10: This giveaway is closed. The final winner list is below.

If you weren’t paying attention to 8Asians over the 4th of July weekend because you were too busy BBQing, then you might have missed the announcement of our 8Asians ‘Inception’ Prize Package Giveaway.

In anticipation of the upcoming Christopher Nolan film Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Ken Watanabe, we’re going to be releasing a new trivia question every few days or so– until we run out of prizes. You can enter every time a new question is posted; check the original post for complete details on the rules and how to enter.

I will not be making a new post on the main 8Asians blog every time the question changes, so keep checking back to the contest page or follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook if you want to see if there’s a new chance to win!

Here are the correct answers to the trivia questions:
Question #1) What theater company did Ken Watanabe begin his acting career at? En Troupe (Engeki-Syudan En). Also acceptable: Madoka
Question #2) Name 3 of the 6 countries that ‘Inception’ was filmed in. Japan, UK, France, Morocco, USA, and Canada)
Question #3) What TV game show did Dileep Rao appear in, where he scored one of the game show’s largest single-day winnings? Jeopardy!
Question #4) Why is Ken Watanabe’s character (Saito) referred to as “The Tourist?” Because rather than having the experience and skills to go into dreams, he pays his way in to the dream world.

Congratulations to the Winners:

  1. kejia (Correctly answered Question #1)
  2. Michelle V (Correctly answered Question #1)
  3. Eddy Chen (Correctly answered Question #2)
  4. EricAsian (Correctly answered Question #2)
  5. Amanda H (Correctly answered Question #2)
  6. “John Nishiyama” (Correctly answered Question #3)
  7. Eugenia Beh (Correctly answered Question #3)
  8. Kevin N (Correctly answered Question #3)
  9. Willis (Correctly answered Question #3)
  10. Leo Fong (Correctly answered Question #3)
  11. Mike G (Correctly answered Question #4)
  12. Kevin C (Correctly answered Question #4)
  13. Cory Z (Correctly answered Question #1)
  14. Jess W (Correctly answered Question #2)
  15. Emma (Correctly answered Question #3)

(Updated as of 7/16/2010, 4:45pm Pacific)

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