Lady Gaga Accused of Plagiarizing SNSD/Girl’s Generation Song ‘Be Happy’

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way has recently faced some criticism by writers on this blog, as evidenced by Eddy’s previous post whether her reference to Orientals is racially insensitive. Now the gay-positive diva is facing plagiarism allegations from Korean production duo E-Tribe, who have “announced plans to question Gaga over the song’s alleged resemblance to a track called Be Happy,” which they wrote for pop group SNSD — known in the United States as Girl’s Generation.

We’ve asked our resident Kpop guru Christine — DJ of the POP88 podcast — her feelings. She gives her $0.02 after the jump.

They both use similar pop formulas and riffs from heard from popular tracks heard in the 80s and 90s – which seems to have a resurgence in Kpop. Lady Gaga’s track also borrows from that era, that’s why it sounds like Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself.’ Also, Lady Gaga borrowing from Kpop, and SNSD’s ‘Be Happy’ of all songs? HIGHLY unlikely. Lady Gaga borrowing or rather HEAVILY INFLUENCED from Madonna – more plausible.

At this point, I would say it’s coincidence – all pop music is starting to sound all alike anyways – no matter what language I’m listening to it in. But good for E-Tribe in doing their due diligence in at least clarifying. I’m not a big fan of their work and will forever laud them for the awful track that was “Gee”.

I’m inclined to agree with Christine on this one; I can’t even listen to the refrain of Born This Way without singing “Express what you got / oh baby ready or not,” grabbing my crotch and pointing at the imaginary audience. (And personally, I don’t think Gee was that bad.) Let us know in the comments!

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