Asians, Blacks Still Hurt More In A Mixed Economy

New unemployment numbers continue to show that Asians and Black Americans continue to lose ground, while whites and Hispanics are making up lost ground as the economy added 216,000 jobs in March. While the government claims America is in recovery, it’s hard news to swallow for many Asian Americans like my sister and my cousin, who are among the long term unemployed.

Both have been out of work for close to two years. What’s surprising about my family is that both of them are highly skilled professional workers, not the blue collar worker that many associate with those hit hardest by the recession. My sister is an architect and my cousin is a lawyer. They continue to search diligently for work, but there isn’t much in California if you aren’t a high tech worker.

Perhaps not surprising, is the news also about the United Kingdom where Blacks and Asians are twice as likely to be unemployed, and the situation for them is only expected to get worse, as public sector cuts are expected to hit these groups more disproportionately.

Unfortunately what this news shows is that while the economy may be getting better, it’s not as they say “lifting all boats.” Meanwhile, if you need an architect or a lawyer, send me the job opening, and I’ll pass it along.

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