FIFA Bans Two North Korean Women From Women’s World Cup

From CNN: FIFA bans two North Korean women for failing a dope test. According to the article, “Jong Sun Song and Sim Pok Jong were prevented from playing in the tournament being held in Germany prior to their team’s Group C tie against Colombia in Bochum yesterday…FIFA said in a statement that adverse ‘analytical findings’ were present in ‘A’ samples collected in two anti-doping tests conducted after the team’s previous matches.” With all losses and one 0-0 tie with Colombia, perhaps these NK women got desperate. Or maybe they were too young with  five teenagers in their starting lineup to keep up with the more experienced players of the other teams. Or maybe their coach is crazy with his crazy stories about why they lost to the U.S. Whatever the case may be…it’s kind of sad to me. The cards seemed to be stacked against them this year (and maybe always), and this, of course, doesn’t help the world’s view of them.

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