“Family Restaurant” Reality Series Features Quon Family

Coming soon to WE tv (and the U.S. market) is a new unscripted show, Family Restaurant, which features the Quon family and their daily trials and tribulations behind running their family-owned restaurant, the Lingnan. The restaurant, located in Edmonton, Alberta, has been serving Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine since 1947.

The Quons consist of Mom Amy, described as “the doting control freak,” her “long-suffering husband” Kinman, number one son Miles, and his two “ne’er-do-well siblings” Mandy and Marty. The family runs their two popular Chinese eateries: an elegant, old-world Mandarin dining room as well as a Chinese chicken-themed fast food lunch counter.

Of course, a reality show about running a family restaurant business doesn’t get interesting until we get to know the “family” part of the restaurant, so expect generational conflicts between the bossy matriarch and the kids, including Mrs. Quon’s thoughts about her children dating outside of their race and more. By most accounts, the show is funny, filled with drama and that the Quons come off as a very “loveable” family.

This show isn’t new to Canadians; three seasons of Family Restaurant already aired on Food Network Canada

So dear Canadian readers, can you tell your neighbors to the south what we’ve got in store for us?

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