GOTM! : Hello Kitty

Another month is here, so it’s time for Goodies of the Month! (GOTM!). Here are our picks of some weird items to complete your Hello Kitty collection:

1. Hello Kitty Mop: Housework is boring. Hello Kitty is cute. So make housework boring and cute with this pink mop set ($99.99). It happens to be about ten times what we would normally spend on cleaning supplies, but isn’t Hello Kitty worth it?

2. Hello Kitty Box Cutter: Usually, Hello Kitty items are hopelessly un-useful–do you really need one of those magic washcloths that you can really only use once? This box cutter ($12.95) will remain a helpful staple in your Hello Kitty arsenal, staying a cut above the rest (pun intended).

Read about more Hello Kitty products on our shopping blog, GASP!

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