Half of China’s Millionaires Want To Leave

…and most want to come to the US. Look, up in the air. There go our real estate valuations. (I kid, I kid.) (Sort of.)

I’m sure the Chinese government is trying to keep their millionaires there, but it’s interesting that education for their children is their top reason for emigrating, with capital preservation and politics right behind.

Admittedly, I know very little about the education system in China. So I called upon my trusty search engine and found some glowing reports about 15 year-old school students in Shanghai scoring higher than US students on the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). That sounds pretty positive, right?

There is a lot of debate over the validity of relying on standardized testing scores, however.

Then there are some opinion pieces that suggest the higher education system in the US is “better,” or even “the best in the world.” Ah. Perhaps that’s the impression these Chinese millionaires have as well.

Education is traditionally a top priority for Chinese families. If these millionaire families have the means and desire to uproot and move to the US, I can see the appeal.

Think someone should tell them they’ll be part of the 1% though?

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