“Forever and Ever” by David Choi

When we first started listening to David Choi’s latest CD, Forever and Ever ($7.99 on Amazon, $9.99 on iTunes, $11.99 for a physical CD), we could have sworn he was reading our minds. From the very first track, “Can’t Take This Away”, he was singing the words we were feeling from a recent breakup. Then, he went on to “When You’re Single”, perfectly capturing that feeling of being lost and trying to find your way when you’ve just gotten out of a relationship. One by one, these songs, unlike most pop music today, actually expressed something we could connect to.

Before listening to this CD, we were already in love with David Choi’s multiple covers of hits like “Bitter Heart” and “I Kissed a Girl”. But Forever and Ever gave us the chance to hear him in a new light. Vocally, he sounds a bit like John Mayer. Yet his lyrics are much sweeter, much closer to the heart than many mainstream singer/songwriters seem to be. Even if we hadn’t gotten the chance to listen to these songs gratis, we strongly recommend grabbing a copy of this album.

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