MyNinja! Classic Black Tee

If there’s one thing people assume Asians are, its a ninja. Take back the stereotype with one of these Classic Black Men’s Tee ($18) by MyNinja! About the company, they say:

MyNinja! will never be a design, nor a shirt, but a statement that allows individuals to connect along the constant cultural blending our generation faces.

How can you argue with a message like that? The shirts are available in other colors, and women’s styles are available as well.

Special offer: Enter the code 8NINJAS at checkout for 20% off your order!

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About Susan

I’m a fourth-generation Japanese American hapa, born in Philadelphia, raised in Hawaii, and now a college student back on the mainland. I'm the editor for GASP!, but I enjoy writing pieces for 8Asians when I can. I like geeking out, reading, and doing origami.
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