The 8Asians Talk About Their New Years Blogging Resolutions

So 2012 has finally arrived. According to many, it marks the coming of the end of the year. To others, it’s just another 365 days of life. For us here at 8Asians, it’s a chance to refresh, restart, make and break new promises. I asked our team of writers what their personal New Years resolutions for the blog would be, and here’s what they came up with.

John: Cover the 2012 election

Dino-Ray: To be more sensitive to our readers’ feelings…..BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Koji: Will continue to look for body parts on Asian American that I can objectify.

Mihee: To blog more about sports and religion (not necessarily in that order or in that combination).

Christine: I guess mine would be to podcast in a more frequent manner (at least once a month)

Edward: To continue to write more controversial blog posts, especially concerning interracial relations between Asians and non-Asians.

Jeff: To Finish my college admissions series and blog more about health.

Tina: To take up a new martial arts class this year and I WILL blog about it!

Tim: To write about home improvement, Asian American style.

Sunny: I would like to see 8A organize an APA blogger conference of sorts, though I am not sure how we’d go about doing that without biting off existing APA blogger conferences.

Will: To be more current with Asian trends. (Kpop is a mystery to me.)

Moye: I will not blog about Tiger Mom nor feed the trolls.

Ernie: To make 8Asians bigger and badder than ever before.

Readers, here’s where you come in. It’s your job to keep us in line and make sure we stick to our resolutions. And if we don’t…well, there’s always next year! And feel free to share your own 2012 resolutions in the comments. Happy New Year!

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