Konyaku Facial/Body Sponge

Forget that juvenile washrag, clean your face with a Konnyaku Facial Sponge: it’s 100% natural, can neutralize facial acid, increase blood circulation and remove dirt and oil. Did we mention it’s made out of a potato?

The fibrous sponge made of Konnyaku (also spelled Konjak), is a great material to lather and gently exfoliate your face for a daily deep cleaning. It’s recommended for people who have sensitive skin, teens or adults with acne or dry skin, it’s so gentle it’s even okay for babies – so pretty much great for anyone.

Konnyaku is typically a food product, a firm jelly like block with the texture of tapioca pearls, used in Japanese cooking. The noodle form of Konnyaku is known as Shiratake an awesome low carb noodle found in Sukiyaki. But this is another great use for the versatile potato.

When we first used the Konnyaku Face Sponge we were surprised to see it was packaged moist. It has no artificial color and has no smell; it’s like a little wet cloud. It suds facial cleansers to a rich lather, although you do not need to use soap because the Konnyaku fibers actually hold water to create a layer of water as a natural cleanser. After you use it, simply rinse and gently give it a squeeze. It will dry out hard but the soft texture comes back as soon as it hits the water.

Just a word of warning: there have been cases of imitations, so be careful where you buy from.

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