Asian American Commercial Watch: Tempur-Pedic, WTF?

I was watching MSNBC the other day and caught this commercial, which apparently has been around (at least on YouTube) for almost a year. The commercial has testimonials from a wide, diverse group of Tempur-Pedic adjustable bed owners, who express, in English, their love for the product until 0:36 seconds into this this 1:00 minute commercial, where an Asian man speaks in what I think is Cantonese with his wife standing by his side.

WTF is going on? I had to rewind my DVR to see if I thought what I saw was right. This just reinforces the perpetual foreigner concept, and reminded me of the KFC commercial I had blogged about a while ago. I mean, if Tempur-Pedic wanted to reach a wider audience, why didn’t they also have Spanish speaking bed owners in the commercial as well? There are a lot more Spanish speaking Americans than Chinese speaking ones for sure.

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