Fung Brothers: The Jeremy Lin Effect 2- LINSANITY

To be honest, I don’t keep up with basketball too much. I only watch games here and there, but even I know that Jeremy Lin is being talked about everywhere about how he’s leading Knicks to victory and making his team a stronger team.

Every other Asian American is “Linsanely” applauding how great Jeremy Lin is. He has been getting a lot of publicity and recognition on his hardwork and talent. I want to step away from the issue on comparing him to the model minority, or explaining the differences between many Asian Americans and him by talking about this parody by the Fung Brothers. Another reason why I thought this is interesting is because they chose to film it on my school’s campus! I do have my opinions on whole Jeremy Lin ordeal such as how we are putting too much emphasis on how he is good at basketball and that he is Asian, but I want to focus on this video instead.

The Fung Brothers took this whole Linsanity idea a step further by talking about how Jeremy Lin is affecting Asian girls who prefer to date white guys to give Asian guys a chance. Although, this video appears to make Asian girls superficial, but it is pretty funny if you don’t take it too seriously. I like the fact that they found a way to relate current issues by turning them into a funny video. It is true–many people do believe that Asian guys are either nerds or thugs. Also, everything about Jeremy Lin is going viral these days. And lastly, yes, Ryan Gosling is hot! The end nailed it for me when David Fung responds in Chinese saying, “What is he saying?” The video gave me a good laugh, but I am not too sure if the whole Jeremy Lin Effect is working on me though!

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