Nice Girls Crew Review From 2012 LAAPFF

UPDATE: Rich didn’t actually know Lynn or Parry before shooting this movie, they were introduced to him by his friend Dave Boyle, after seeing his film and feeling like they’d be great in the roles. The film was actually more than that the originally reported $10,000…it was 30,000. The $10,000 came from the kickstarter campaign, and the rest Rich financed on his own. Finally, Lynn did introduce Rich to Sheetal, but Kerry is an old friend from film school who works as an assistant director, and Rich thought he would be perfect for this role based on their real-life friendship.

This film, Nice Girls Crew was interesting to say in the most. For three normally dramatic actresses to tackle on such outrageous characters with such zeal, I will say that’s the greatest strength Nice Girls Crew has going for it. It was presented as a collection of the first 6 episodes which in itself was more of a sketch than anything substantial.

By the 3rd episode however, the premise wore extremely thin and it became a bit of a slightly amusing chore to watch three characters bicker with each other in different situations, different episodes. The writing was extremely thin so it was only because the three actresses made the absolute most out of the lines that the episodes were amusing to watch.

Here’s the synopsis:

Sophie, Leena, and Geraldine, true “frenemies” since elementary school, seek refuge from their isolation in a book club where they never actually talk about the book. Their subjects of interest? Sex, cannibalism, drugs and just about everything else. Geraldine is a natural leader with an insatiable thirst for validation; Leena is a ruthless thug-ess in heels, and Sophie is the angelic voice of reason (but true undercover psycho). As adults, the ladies find themselves gathering week after week not because they like each other, but because their inability to mix with normal society forces them to rally for a bit of companionship and good reads. But when personal hangups combine with delusions of grandeur, books make way for much more explosive conversation material. Directed by Tanuj Chopra and starring Lynn Chen, Sheetal Sheth, and Michelle Krusiec.

The back story to these episodes are all found in the plot synopsis but not necessarily in the the episodes themselves. Thus, it is weird to say that the plot synopsis was more interesting to read than the episodes to watch and there in itself is Nice Girls Crew‘s biggest flaw. The counter argument is that it’s made in the mindset of webisode material that would be posted on YouTube  and therefore it is unfair to judge the episodes on its lack of anything substantial. But even within that mindset, the episodes must compel the audience a reason to come back and by the 3rd episode, if there would be no progress, I would have wanted the whole series to end early. Instead, it puts itself on repeat with multiple scenarios and repetition, even well-acted repetition, gets old after a while.

I give this a 6 out of 10.

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