Coldplay’s Princess of China Music Video Looks Misguided

Coldplay’s single, “Princess of China” featuring Rihanna, now has a music video which was released on last Sunday night. Other than the title, I knew the music video was going to be Asian-themed from the amount of Asian actors they needed to cast for this project.

I don’t know what they’re exactly trying to do in the music video, but it seems they combined multiple Asian influences in this one, most noticeably Desi elements as Rihanna got this multiple arms thing going on, similar to that of the Hindu goddess Kali. In other scenes, she is dressed as a geisha and to add to that confusion, she looks Thai in others when she isn’t floundering about with other identity crises. The world isn’t any clearer as you see Taiko drummers & ninjas (which is Japanese if you didn’t know), one strange tattooed dude (I have no idea what origin that is from) at 0:38, and a hodge podge of Asian cultures thrown into a shiny hip looking music video. Also you have Rihanna and Chris Martin playing pivotal roles in this strange Asian world with Asian extras filling in the background to make sure you completely got that this is Asian. Hmm, reminds me of a certain Last Airbender

The feeling I got watching this video is the equivalent of throwing multiple Asian foods from different regions into a pot (so to be more specific, let’s say sushi, chicken tandoori, dumplings, and pad thai), add some American gravy sauce, and the taste you get from eating something like that is similar to watching this video: Confused As Hell.

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