What Asian American Kids Watch on the Internet: Jeremy Lin’s “The Last Pick”

Number One Son is not a Jeremy Lin fan (“over-rated” he calls Lin), so I was surprised when he told me that I should watch Jeremy Lin’s new video, “The Last Pick.”  This video was created by the Jubilee Project, a group of three guys who like to make videos for a good causes.  This video is intended to be a benefit for Jeremy Lin Foundation, which is scheduled to have a launch party on this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

I liked the video because of its upbeat message.   I was impressed that it was positive and inspiring enough to get a cynical teenager to watch it completely, overcoming his reservations about Jeremy Lin.  I also liked how the video covers Jeremy Lin’s early season woes.  Because it presents that despite being a famous NBA player, Lin is vulnerable to slumps and has struggles like everyone else,  his message is much more appealing.

The Jubilee Project also created a behind the scenes and blooper video, which I have embedded below.   It also reveals that scenes are filmed in Palo Alto at a school where Lin sometimes practices.

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