Douglas Kim’s “I’m Asian American” Music Video

Duke University graduate Douglas Kim recently launched a parody of the song “Rockin the Suburbs” by Ben Folds. As someone who was a management consultant, made the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event, but is now involved in media and entertainment, Doug shares his perspective on Asian Americans today.

Says Douglas:

The video is social commentary on how I as an Asian American view myself in light of American media and portrayals. Much of what has been written about us recently has been from the perspective of a white male, which not to say that much of what has been written is inaccurate, but it’s a bit biased. That’s part of the reason I used this song, written by a normal everyday kind of dude (Folds) who also has a predominantly white male audience. My main goal was to give us a voice that is our own; I wanted to give a relatable character to people, to show a human quality to this object known as “Asian American”.

Check out his “Making of” blog post which gives a more detailed background of his social commentary.

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