Meet the 8Asians: Lianne

Get to know the writers who make 8Asians possible! Joz started the “Meet the 8Asians” series a while back when she introduced our then resident heartthrob Brian. Now meet some of our new writers on staff, such as Lianne, Asian America’s down-to-earth sweetheart.


I’ll be honest. I hunted her down. Didn’t I, Lianne? Okay. So 8A kind of has a crush on Lianne Lin. I mean, don’t you? Stunning, beautiful inside and out, funny, isn’t afraid to make fun of herself, and has whip-smart substantive points of view to offer on the Asian American experience, how do you not have a crush on her?


She’s from Berkeley, Taiwanese/Chinese American, and grew up speaking very little Chinese since her Dad only spoke English (he’s ABC). Lianne is a model, actor, on-camera host for multimedia platforms, hairstylist, writer, editor, and artist. She has lived and worked in both the U.S. and Asia. After working in media in Taipei and modeling in China for the last several years, Lianne is now back in the States and readjusting to American life. Kind of ironic considering how Americanized she was raised.

As I said, I hunted her down and asked if she’d write for 8A. Now here she is, dear 8A readers, introducing herself in video form. You’re welcome!

Lianne will bring us an easy, laidback, casual style, usually sprinkled with humor, showing her intelligent sense of awareness about herself and the people around her, and always compelling content. She focuses on culture and pop culture, but also comments seriously on her unique perspective of the Asian American and expat experience.

Be sure to check out her YouTube channels, HeyLianne and LianneLin.

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