Meet the 8Asians: Brian, Resident Heartthrob

8Asians is not a place to post purely personal stuff, but sometimes when we’re writing about the stuff that interests us, our personal lives & info do get mixed in. So it’s not surprising that even though we’re busy talking about the size of John Cho’s head, or interracial dating, or Hollywood’s sucky choices in casting (hello, Avatar!), or — you get the picture — sometimes we all talk about more “personal” subjects, too. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t still room to get to know us better, though.

Most of us have personal blogs elsewhere, but believe it or not, we don’t all know each other personally and follow each other online. So in a series that may end here*, I would like to do a shout-out regarding one of our writers, Brian. Here’s his current 8Asians bio:

I’m an unapologetic hack satirist specializing in inane, obscene, and rudimentary humor. Low brow is too high brow for me. I listen to Howard Stern. I love that you just rolled your eyes. I couldn’t care less. I absolutely HATE hypocrisy. Of any kind. I read Supreme Court opinions. I devour the Sunday New York Times. I’m on the internet way too much. I listen to artists, not genres. I think the first step of being an Asian American is not having to apologize for it. I always tell the truth. I lie incessantly in bios. Read me at

I’ve actually had the pleasure of hanging out with Brian a couple of times… up in SF for an 8Asians get together in 2008 and once earlier this year when I visited NYC and get to visit with 8Asians Lily and Katherine. (Funny that I never met up with him while he was living in LA.)

Speaking of funny, I’d definitely use that word to describe him. By day, Brian is a superhero; by night, he’s a stand-up comedian. He was also tapped by Diana at Disgrasian for their Babewatch feature, making him a bonafide babe — deemed totally crush-worthy by a lady who has really high standards. Before Daniel came on the scene, I can honestly say that I received the most inquiries about Brian from people asking if he was “available.” (I don’t know the answer to that, so don’t ask!)

But I do know the answer to the second most asked question about Brian — YES, that really IS his deep, smooth, velvety voice.

It’s not nice to play games like this with your friends, but hell, I’ve come this far already. If I had to play Friend, Fuck or Marry (no one kills anyone in our games) with Brian, I’d have to answer yes, yes and hellz yes! (Good thing that I’m just playing games here because Brian is WAY out of my league.)

Nonetheless, it’s always fun to daydream. It certainly doesn’t hurt that he’s real easy on the eyes. And just watching him in the video above with his doggies makes me crush on him all the more.

Wow, this is going downhill fast and I’d better just stop writing before I embarrass myself any further.

*Brian didn’t know I was going to write this. I’m hoping that this makes him blush. I know I am.

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