Meet the 8Asians: Nithin

Get to know the writers who make 8Asians possible! Joz started the “Meet the 8Asians” series a while back when she introduced our then resident heartthrob Brian. Now meet some of our new writers on staff, such as Nithin, an old soul traveler at heart.


Nithin represents many firsts for 8Asians, and I will leave it up to you to figure out what those are. His writing style conveys a social consciousness and wisdom for the world that is well beyond his years. Be sure to read articles by Nithin published in Jakarta Expat. He writes with precision and acuity about environmental issues that impact Indonesia and boasts an impressive portfolio of writings on travel, food, culture, social and political issues that not only impact the Asian or Asian American community, but the physical landscape and environment of Asia as well.

A genuine peripatetic, Nithin has traveled extensively: 44 states in the U.S. and 44 countries around the world. He has been an activist with the Sierra Club and other grassroots organizations and a mentor on social media for advocacy and citizen journalism. Since finishing his masters in International Affairs from Columbia University, he’s traveled across Asia and Africa and focused on building his freelance writing career.

Nithin was first introduced to 8Asians by his friend, another one of our fellow writers, Johnny C, and was impressed by the quality of writing and the active, engaging community. He felt that with his unique perspective, he could add to the debate and bring up some interesting points about Asian-American culture, while also learning from all of us here and our own experiences.

Some personal predictions? We’ll probably see provocative and meditative articles from Nithin about culture or the idea of culture, especially on the experience of being raised apart from one’s cultural homeland and what “cultural homeland” even means in today’s globalized society.

Nithin is also a speaker for campus engagements, conferences, panels, and workshops. Be sure to visit his website,

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