Anime Review: The Devil is a Part-timer

Thank you Japanese anime land for yet another story based on a really weird premise that somehow still works. The Devil is a Part-timer is basically about a demon lord named Satan, of course, who wreaks havoc while conquering the world of Ente Isla. However, a hero fights back against him and his minions of demons, and Satan is defeated and must retreat to…yep, you guessed it, our world. Specifically Tokyo, Japan. Stripped of his magic, Satan is reduced to a teenage boy who has to work part time at the local MgRonald’s to earn a living. (Clearly the creators of this anime have no understanding that “Mc” in McDonald’s means “son of”, so you can’t just randomly change the “c” to “g” and expect it to work, but whatever.) So Satan decides he will climb the MgRonald’s hierarchy, make lots of money, and rule this world first before going back to conquer his home world. Yeah, weird, right? But it works, and is actually really entertaining in a quirky, anti-climactic sort of way. Minus the sexist fan-service, which offends both my American puritan and feminist sensibilities, but so far, it’s at least been minimal in this series.

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