President Obama Speaks at the AAPI Heritage Month Celebration (And explains the lipstick on his collar)

President Obama delivers remarks an the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebration at the White House earlier this week. What got the most attention from Obama was his remarks on the lipstick on his collar. One of the honored guests attending, former runner-up American Idol contestant, Jessica Sanchez – her guest, her Aunt, had embraced Obama when meeting him and accidentally got some of her lipstick on her collar. Obama wanted to clear the air and the First Lady know that there wasn’t any Clintonesque hanky panky going on in The White House…

The overall 6+ minute speech focus on Obama’s connection with Asian Americans and Asia, having a half-sister who is an Asian American as well as his brother-in-law, as well as having lived in Indonesia for a few years and going to high school in Hawaii growing up with many Asian American friends. Obama spoke of the rich history and contributions of Asian Americans in this country as well as the many challenges the Asian American community has faced. Additionally, Obama had reminded all in the audience that most Americans – at one point in their family history – were immigrants to this country and that America is a country of immigrants.



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