Elaborate Proposal Plan Gets Reversed

Vicky Wang, 31, refused two marriage proposals from her boyfriend Jonathan Law, but when she felt ready, decided to do the asking (reading lots of Joy Chen? /kidding).  She set up an elaborate scheme at his high school in Vancouver,  Canada, going over the details of their life together.  As you can see from the video, things don’t go exactly as she had planned.

I don’t know what’s up with all of these elaborate proposals.  We already have talked about the fad of flash mob dance proposals.  My own proposal was much simpler – we went out to a nice restaurant, and I just asked there.   This proposal craziness has even spread to down to the high school level, where kids will set up some fancy dramatic way to ask each other to proms and dance.  This extends to both girls and boys.  I recall the following conversation with Number One Son.

Number One Son:  How should I ask A. to the dance?
Me:  I don’t know.  Send a text maybe?
Number One Son:  Dad, that’s lame!  How did you ask girls to your proms?
Me:  I just called them up and asked.
Number One Son:  Dad, that’s lame!

Number One Son eventually figured out what to do, but didn’t have that great of a time.   I wonder that instead of putting so much energy into asking, maybe they should put that energy into making the marriage (or dance in Number One Son’s case) work.

Jonathan must be a really patient guy, sticking with Joy after eight years of dating and getting  his previous proposals shot down twice.   Vicky and Jonathan will be married in South Africa, where Joy grew up.


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