In Search of Asian American Female MMA Fighters: Jenny Liou

I was just scrolling down the blog Women’s MMA Today a few weeks ago and saw Jenny Liou’s name in her first pro-fight. Curious, I decided to search her up on YouTube and found this amateur fight of her from a couple years ago. The turn-around in the fight was just phenomenal and totally exciting to watch. With a jiu-jitsu background, it’s clear in this amateur fight that Liou’s ground game was pretty awesome but it’s also clear that her stand-up was not on the same level. Nevertheless, her recent pro-fight ended in a TKO win against Rachael Ostovich, so I can’t wait to see that fight. It’s always exciting to see athlete fighters grow.

Aside from being a pro-MMA fighter, Liou is also a Ph.D. in literature, a poet, and a probably soon-to-be English professor. How’s that for contrast.

Liou will be on King of the Cage today, Saturday February 22nd, fighting in Scottsdale AZ against Jillian Lybarger. In the meantime, you can check out her Fight of the Night win against Ariel Beck from a couple months ago!

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