Mike Honda Declares Reelection Victory Over Ro Khanna

Image courtesy: mikehonda.com

Image courtesy: mikehonda.com

Congressman Mike Honda declared victory this morning in his campaign for reelection in California’s 17th Congressional District.

With 91,732 ballots counted, Congressman Mike Honda is currently beating his challenger by 4.41% or 4,046 votes, an increase from the initial lead on Election Day of 3,549, after additional ballots were processed on November 5th & 6th by both Alameda and Santa Clara Counties.

Ro Khanna would need to win the remaining estimated late absentee ballots in CA-17 by 14.8%, an impossible task for the challenger. Congressman Honda is expected to increase his lead of 4,046 as the remaining ballots are processed.

Congressman Honda won re-election by this margin despite being outspent 2-1 by Khanna’s campaign and Super PAC ($5.2M to $2.6M) as of the most recent FEC filing.

Congressman Honda delivered the following remarks at a press conference this morning declaring victory (remarks as prepared for delivery):

“With 91,732 votes counted, we lead by 4,046 votes – an insurmountable lead.

This WIN was a team effort, and this win belongs to all of you who: knocked on doors, made calls, contributed funds, and talked to your friends and neighbors

Thank you.

I also want to specifically thank Democracy for America, and it’s more than 1 million members nationwide, who were helpful from the beginning to the end of our campaign.

Together, we sent a message that the voters of this district value a lifetime of service to the community more than a lifetime of serving oneself.

Together, we sent a message that this election could not be bought by Super PACs and right-wing millionaires and billionaires. My opponent’s donors wasted more than $5 million, through his campaign and Super PAC, to try to replace my progressive voice with someone who would do their bidding. And although we were outspent 2:1, they were no match for the more than 10,000 people who funded my campaign.

Today I have a message for those right-wing millionaires and billionaires: You can not buy grassroots. You could not buy it this year, and you will not be able to buy it next year either. This District, and our democracy, are not for sale.

Together, we will continue to fight to make sure the voices of the most needy are not drowned out by the voices of those who pay to make theirs the loudest in Washington.

Together, we will fight to raise the minimum wage, to increase Social Security benefits, to make sure each and every child receives the educational equity and excellence they deserve, and to respect the civil rights of all people, no matter what they look like, where they’re from, how they worship, or who they love.

We will continue to fight for these things because they are the values that make our nation, and this District, great.

I also want to make this clear right now: you can count on me to be with you in that fight, because I’m not going anywhere.”

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