McGraw-Hill Denies Japan’s Request to Remove Comfort Women from Textbooks

japan comfort womenGood for McGraw-Hill. Seriously, the nerve of the Japanese government to try to extend their censorship to the United States.

I remember on one of my family visits to Japan and Taiwan in college, I was reading Iris Chang’s (R.I.P.) “Rape of Nanking”, lugging the big red book with me everywhere on purpose in Japan as a sort of personal protest against what happened and how the government has been ducking the issue.

A few years ago, they had requested the removal of comfort women memorials in the U.S.

I’m in no way a scholar on the topic, but I know enough to turn Hulk green every time I hear about the Japanese government’s asinine attempts to whitewash history just to protect their image.

Fun fact: “Rape of Nanking” had been listed in California’s State Standards for the past decade and a half (see standard 10.8.1), a document fully available on the internet this whole time. Guess Japan didn’t catch that one.

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