Anime Review: No Game No Life

By Misogi

no game no lifeThe story revolves around two siblings: Sora and Shiro. The 17 year-old brother and a 11 year-old sister carry an infamous reputation in the gaming world as 『  』(yes it is a blank). They live as gamer NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and have secluded themselves from reality as they considered it “a crappy game”. One day, after beating a mysterious challenger, they receive an offer: To be reborn into a new world. Tired of their own world, they accept his offer and are summoned to the fantasy land of Disboard by Tet where everything is decided by games. Now Sora and Shiro have begun their journey in redeeming the weak human race of Imanity and conquering the world to challenge Tet for his title of One True God.


Story: This anime served as great entertainment with it’s continuous suspense from each game that 『  』and their opponent create. It creates a rich fantasy mythology that slowly deepens as we learn more about the show. Although there were multiple comedic parts that were a bit sexual, when it gets serious, it gets Serious. It also cleverly references other animes such as Ace Attorney, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hyouka and etc. The way 『  』 use their unqiue strengths to cover each other’s weakness and win games is a joy to watch. Also Episode 12 expertly finished up an arc while leaving a bit in order to prepare for the next one.

Characters: What held the show together was 『  』. Sora who has crafty intuition and overwhelming insight but is a bit sexual deprived, and Shiro with outstanding intelligence but is a little easy-going. The other characters who joined during the season also seem a bit interesting. Stephnie Dola, the granddaughter of the late king of Imanity, is a good asset to Sora and Shiro but is sometimes a victim of their bullying. Although she has low experience winning in games, she handles her position in politics with a lair’s smile and is more grounded in reality than her friends.

Art: The art is simply stunning. It has one of the most eye-catching and unique art styles in the season. It’s also a bit refreshing to see a bright color palette once in a while.


Random Humor: Whether it is the writer trying to deliver a smart joke or make some hilarious references, it became disappointing when the show made a turn and became really immature, mostly sexual humor, not to mention that it’s not even funny in the least..
Harem- Building and Fanservice
Why is it that many animes nowadays have groups with one guy and many females? Well probably to show of some fanservice. Although the characters are really nice and interesting, it gets really tiring when every single girl shows a bit of skin just to get some guy’s attention in a really dumb way.


Overall, I highly recommend the anime No Game No Life. If you can look past these flaws, you will find yourself wanting the next episode without even realizing it.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Misogi is a college student who is a fan of Japanese Anime. He loves it so much he is currently learning Japanese. He also enjoys writing and aikido.

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