Traveling Japan: Tokyo Sky Tree

tokyo sky tree

Previously, the tall building to visit in Tokyo was the Tokyo Tower, which I have been before, and although it’s kinda nice and affords a decent view of the city, it wasn’t so breathtaking that I wanted to visit it again the next time I went to Japan. Now, they’ve got the brand new Tokyo Sky Tree which pretty much is now the reigning monolith in the city. I would definitely want to visit the Sky Tree again because not only is the view spectacular, but because you can see so far and wide, the time of day and the season has a dramatic impact on the view.


Luckily, this time, I was able to see an outline of Mt. Fuji from the tower 90 miles away. Ridiculous right? You can’t see it too well in this Instagram I posted on it, because of the glare of the setting sun on the window, but I would just love to see this on a blue-sky day. If only I had gotten there sooner. The cool thing they did with the windows was to frame them like postcards so that when you take a picture, it looks like a postcard, but it’s like a living one since it’s always a different picture. Very nice idea, whoever thought of that one. Definitely makes it more of an “instagram”.

#tokyo #skytree postcard ready window view. #nihon can you see #Fuji in the distance?

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I love it when I look down from a really high place and the city and all its people looks like a dynamic toy model, like so.

#tokyo #skytree #nihon

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Clearly, I don’t really have a fear of heights, but if you do, you may want to bring some pills or something, especially if you’re going to try out that glass window in the floor you can step on and look straight down at the steep drop of the tower.

tokyo sky tree

This is not a destination you want to just show up at without planning ahead, unless of course you’re willing to possibly wait hours and hours to get in. I think it has to do with the place being pretty brand new. It is pretty darn crowded and even if you have a ticket and reservation like we did, it took at least an hour to line up to get to the elevator that would jettison us up the tower. We had some pretty decent level reservations, not just your average ticket up, because we had a reservation with the fancy smancy restaurant upstairs, but it still took awhile. Even when you’re up in the tower, it’s packed like sardines.

tokyo sky tree

If you don’t mind waiting, it’s not a problem because there’s a food court and mall at the base of the tower, so there’s plenty to see and do and eat if you’re waiting for your reservation time. The only thing is if you want to get a certain view at a certain time of day, it would kind of be bad to miss the sunlight. We got up there as we planned, before the sun went down, so that we could see the view with daylight, with the sunset, and the night view as well.

tokyo sky tree

Next up, the second reason I would visit Tokyo Sky Tree again is the amazing restaurant at the top, Sky Tree 634 (Musashi).


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