From the Margins to the Mainstream: A Panel on Race, Comedy and Prime Time TV

KPCC, Southern California’s public radio station, recently hosted this panel on Race, Comedy, and Prime Time TV.  The guest panelists were:

  • Melvin Mar (@ChineseGuy88), executive producer of “Fresh Off the Boat”
  • Joz Wang (@JozJozJoz), editor of 8 Asians and founder of V3, the largest digital media conference for Asian-American journalists, bloggers and more
  • Angela M. Hutchinson (@IamBiH), casting director and founder of the Breaking into Hollywood nonprofit for show business professionals

jozIt’s worth watching not only because Joz is a panelist, but also because of wide range topics such as the creation and initial reception of “Fresh off the Boat,” Matt Damon’s recent comments, and how TV shows are cast.  I found that last part interesting in that shows needing actors will ask for specific ethnicities or say that a part is open to any ethnicity.   You can see the video embedded above or at this link.

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