8Questions with Daniel Wu from “Into The Badlands”


Daniel Wu as “Sunny” in Into the Badlands.

Born and raised a north Californian, Daniel Wu is an American actor of Shanghainese descent. It was Jet Li’s The Shaolin Temple that inspired him to study wushu. After college in Oregon, he traveled to Hong Kong and unexpectedly starting working in show business and has since been in many films in Asia. Currently, Wu is the star of AMC’s martial arts television series, Into the Badlands. Here are 8Questions with Daniel Wu:

1. What is your favorite martial art?

Kung Fu

2. Who is your favorite martial artist?

Bruce Lee

3. What sort of impact do you think you will have as an American man of Shanghainese heritage playing the lead part of a major TV series?

We’ll have to see!

4. Who is your greatest inspiration?

I have so many. Everyone from Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan to Andy Warhol. A lot of people inspire me!

5. What advice would you give to up and coming Asian Pacific Islander American actors?

It’s going to a tough road ahead but if you have the passion for it, stick with it. Work hard on your craft because you will have to be that much better than everyone else to stand out.

6. What do you think is the greatest challenge faced by American actors of Asian or Pacific Islander heritage?

Getting the right roles and fighting against preconceived stereotypes.

7. What made you decide to become an actor?

I didn’t. I was scouted to do a TV commercial. After doing it, a movie director saw it and cast me as the lead role in his film.

8. What is your favorite Asian comfort food?

Beef Hor Fun

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