‘Dr. Ken’ Episode Review: “Ken’s Apology”

Dr. Ken, Season 2, Episode 10: “Ken’s Apology”
Original airdate December 10, 2016.

dr_ken_s02e10-17I have done all that I could to see
Ken overlooks something crucial in a patient’s medical history.  He feels terrible about it and wants to apologize to the patient, but Pat informs him very firmly that apologizing means admitting fault, which is against Welltopia’s policies.  If he does so, he will lose his job.  D. K. goes to Dave’s parent-teacher conference.  He accuses the teacher of not challenging Dave enough, and without clearing it with Ken or Allison, applies to have Dave skip a grade.  D. K. also tries to set Molly up with his barber’s son, a boy who’s “Korean and a boy,” and therefore perfect for her.

the evil
I really hate this D. K. story, even though it rings mostly true.  As a career educator, I’ve heard more than my share of stories just like this, and most of it’s pretty believable.  I think I’m just tired of this plot device.  It almost ruined Everybody Loves Raymond, a good show that could have been a lot better with grandparent figures who weren’t so there.  Even the Molly part of this episode isn’t bad, such as it exists.  I think my problem is that D. K. is the least interesting character, yet he’s given far too central a role this season.  I’m tiiiiiiiiiiiiiired of it.

dr_ken_s02e10-11and the good
The Ken story is really well done.  It’s like the writer whose job is to add the wackiness and the writer whose job is to make everything heavy-handed took the week off together.  The seriousness with which Ken, Pat, and Allison treat this mistake is convincing.  Since the three of them aren’t making silly jokes, Damona and Clark, who don’t have a story this week, get to add the comic relief, a dynamic that’s been consistently effective this season.  The resolution at the bowling alley, when the patient offers his hand and Ken instead gives him a hug, is an excellent payoff because it’s so well set up.  It’s sweet, funny, and very serious all at once, nicely dismounting and then sticking the landing in a way Dr. Ken doesn’t often exhibit.

without hiding; you must help me if you can.
Except for D. K., everyone in this episode is great.  Molly and Dave (who has one of the best lines, when he calls Jay “K-Pop”).  Damona, Pat, and Clark.  Allison and Ken.  Don, the patient.  Jay, the Korean boy.    This could have been a top-five episode for this show.  3.5 appointment books out of 5.

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