The Brooklyn Nets’ Jeremy Lin Returns to Oracle Arena

Five years after LINSANITY and six years plus since his start in the NBA with the Golden State Warriors, Brooklyn Nets’ Jeremy Lin returned to Oracle arena Saturday, February 25th – his second game after missing 8 weeks of play to recover from a hamstring injury. There were definitely cheers in the crowd when Lin’s name was called, as he had grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as had started his NBA career with the Warriors.

Lin only played 15 minutes scoring 16 points with the Nets eventually losing 95 to 112 to the Warriors. Having attended the game, the Nets did at one point actually lead the Warriors, but that didn’t last long. Given that the Warriors have one of the best record in the NBA going into the game (48-9) and the Nets literally the polar opposite (9-48), it’s no surprise the Warriors won.

In the post game locker room interview, Lin was asked about his physical recovery and he said he felt that he was 100% back, but he was probably at 85% of his peak play, since he just started getting back to playing.

For the Nets, there’s probably no chance of them making it to the playoffs – but hopefully they can make the second half of the season as a way to improve for next season. As Lin says in the locker room interview, the Nets is a young team and he has a lot of faith in his teammates.

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