Missing Persons Case, Los Angeles area: Richard Im

UPDATE 2/18/2020:
Family Update:

A person who is aware of our search came across our brother and encouraged him to reach out. Richard then made contact with us by phone to let us know that he is safe. However, Richard did not want to reveal his location. While still concerned, we are respecting his request for space and time. The LA County Sheriff’s Department now considers Richard “found.” Until Richard actually comes home, we will be keeping this page up.

We are so relieved to have heard from our brother. Thank you all very much much for your efforts in spreading the word and taking time to flyer around LA County! We believe your support and prayers helped lead to this contact, and we can rest a little more easily.

Richard, if you read this — please let us know how you’re doing from time to time.

UPDATE 1/10/2020: The family is still searching and has provided a link to digital assets (flyers, updates, canvassing maps, etc) here:


I normally do not post things like this, but I have a personal connection to this case. A good friend reached out to me with the following:

This past week, my brother-in-law left home with just the clothes on his back, no ID, no wallet, no phone, nor personal belongings. He left a goodbye letter for the family. We are in the process of searching for him and starting digital campaigns.

The following note was submitted to NamUs in hopes that the missing persons case will be posted on their site.

Circumstances of Disappearance: Richard Im went missing from his mother’s home sometime between 11:00 p.m. on Jan. 1, 2020 and the early morning of Jan. 2, 2020.

He uncharacteristically hugged all family members present in the home before he went to sleep on Jan. 1. He left a goodbye note and money for his mother. He did not take his cell phone, nor wallet containing his ID, bank cards, and money with him. He did not take additional clothes. Family looked at his web browser history and saw that he had made donations to various charities in the days before he left. He has also talked about going off to live in the mountains/forest.

Family believes he is what the Japanese call a “hikikomori,” a person who becomes a hermit/shut-in after experiencing traumatic event(s). He recently walked over 6 miles from his mother’s home to Eaton Canyon to meditate for most of the day. Family suspects he may have gone there or a similar place, off the grid.

If you have any information about Richard’s whereabouts, please contact:

San Gabriel Police Dept.
REPORT NO.: 2020-00025

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