8 reasons to move ‘In The Heights’ to the top of your movie list

In the Heights, Lin Manuel Miranda’s adaptation of his broadway musical, hits the big screen this June.

Here are 8 reasons to move it to the top of your movie list:

  1. Music 

In The Heights is jam-packed with musical numbers that will make you want to get up and dance! Every scene in this film includes elements of different beats, transitioning into full-fledged dance numbers before you know it. Bopping your head, tapping your toes, or snapping your fingers—this film will get your body moving, as Lin drew inspiration from Latin music and his love for 90s hip hop. It’s an incredible experience that you don’t want to miss!

  1. Attention to detail!

This film is truly a work of art. The attention to detail makes this movie come alive. Whether it’s the sweat dripping off of the characters faces, or the sound of the subway train passing through the city, In The Heights is filled with many details making us feel like we’re home.

  1. Lighting

The impact lighting has on this film is quintessential. It’s such a huge component and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it. Every scene in this film plays with lighting in so many ways and there is no repetition. Despite some scenes sett in the dark, the lighting illuminates the screen.

  1. Cast & Crew

The cast list alone should sway you to watch this film: Anthony Ramos, Cory Hawkins, Jimmy Smitts, Dascha Polanco, Olga Merediz, and the list goes on. The coveted Lin Manuel Miranda, creator of Hamilton also makes several appearances in the film! Jon M. Chu, known for directing Crazy Rich Asians, also takes this film to new heights.

  1. Universal Themes 

While the film has its humor, In The Heights grapples with heavy themes that will hit home to many marginalized communities. This film discusses immigration, feelings of where home is, feelings of “am I letting down my family?,” finding community, and having big dreams, all of which audience members can relate to.

  1. The Matriarch 

Abuela Claudia is the matriarchal figure in the film. Everyone will be able to relate to this character because they either have an abuela or grandma, or know of someone in their community who’s just like abuela Claudia. She’s the one you go to for advice, for consolement or support. She’s the heart and soul of the community and you really see this throughout the film.

  1. Representation Matters 

Run, do not walk to your nearest theatre on June 11! The film really shines bright in the fact that everyone who took part in this project was a person of color. When I sat down with the cast, they all were vocal about their pride in how diverse the cast and crew are.

“Finally here is this movie that is going to be so important for this new generation and the old generation too. They are going to be able to see themselves and have pride in who they are that we are part of the American fabric and we are here. It’s a perfect movie for representation.” – Olga Merediz

  1. It’s a REAL story

There are so many characters in the film that you, the audience member, can relate to. It isn’t some far-fetched story—it’s all real.


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