Simu Liu Guest Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’

If you hadn’t heard, Simu Liu was guest host on ‘Saturday Night Live’ this past Saturday. Liu overall did a great job and was in a number of skits.

The funniest skit I thought was the ‘Simu & Bowen’ skit where they are both congratulating each other on being the first Asians in various categories.

Then in the skit ‘New Military Weapon,’ where Liu portrays a high ranking major briefing officials about the newly developed weapon – a Girl Dog Head Man, which I thought was pretty funny:

In fact, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought the cast was having a hard time not laughing.

In ‘Republican or Not – SNL,’ Liu plays a game show contestant trying to guess if a person is a Republican or not – which is easier said than done based on certain circumstances.

Other skits:

Those were all the skits that Liu was in as far as I can recall.

Overall, I would say that Liu was pretty good on ‘Saturday Night Live.’  Not surprising, as Liu is an actor and has been in the excellent sitcom ‘Kim’s Convenience.’

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